Toowoomba's Premier Event for Female Professionals is Here!

Helping you: Breathe Life Back Into Your Day, Ditch The Stress, Sleep Better & Balance "Stuff"!


To THRIVE in today's era of disruption takes (a) Awareness and (b) Commitment to live, love, work and play another way! 

Do you believe it is a luxury to turn off your phone at night, not respond to emails at who knows what time of the day (or within 3 mins of receiving them) or heaven forbid go a day where social feeds go unchecked and instead you take off your shoes, feel the grass beneath your bare feet and just SIT?

We seem to have fallen out of sync with the guide that is nature and our whole way of living.  We don't treat colds with garlic and lemon anymore. We pop a pill, pull up our big girl panties because we believe we can't afford the time off work.

Get this we go on holiday but before that we work like a trojan to get it all done by deadline, only to then fall sick the first few days of leave because finally our system has been given breathing space!

We are intelligent women, yet all of this above sounds stupid not to mention crazy unsustainable.

What do you think?


- JOIN fellow amazing women from various industries, who come together for elevated conversations, incredible connections & to recharge for the next quarter. 

a THRIVE Event day is ideal for:

those who operate in high pressure, demanding & results-orientated arenas

business owners or career professionals

who want to redefine the way they work, connect, lead and do weekday-wellness!

  • [Spoiler alert] - if we want to REALLY perform and live up to our own high standards we need to know that our bodies aren't wired to cope with constant pressure without giving it any support!
  • Nor are we equipped long-term to eat poorly, sleep badly, be too stationary OR be plugged in and switched on 24/7
  • Running ourselves ragged isn't a sport to be proud of nor is being in a constant state of overwhelm
  • If you rarely feel like you are getting on top of it all, rarely feel like you are in control our THRIVE Event is just for you!

Toowoomba's THRIVE Topics:

  • Stuck or stagnant in your career of business? Discover what's blocking & holding you back
  • Selling yourself successfully without selling your soul
  • Happy Hormones, the detrimental knock-on effects of burnout
  • Telling YOUR story is deeply primal which is why you have to do more of it

Toowoomba March 2019

For ambitious people their "grind" doesn't they need their brains and bodies to be tuned in, tapped in, highly functioning and creative 24/7.  In order to be faster off the mark, quicker to the challenge and deliver the goods! In short, primed for and in continual "hunt mode” which puts serious pressure on their bodies and their central nervous system if not supported correctly.

As a Performance Coach, I have noticed a few things over the past 7 years of coaching that need to be addressed. People grinding themselves and pushing their adrenals to the max as they ignore their natural rhythms and cycles, all this without the necessary support in place to sustain long-term performance.

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