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How To Easily Be More Effective In Executing Your Marketing Strategies

Which Social Media platforms are currently being used in delivering your various marketing strategies for your tourism or safari business? Do these social media exploits follow a plan of sorts, or do you wing it and go by the seat of your pants? What I mean by plan – is an approach that is integrated with other marketing strategies? Or does your sole marketing strategy consist of a “More Sales” approach! If there is no plan, no strategy, no measuring of results and no delivery on results then I think we can surmise that you are in business survival mode or what we call the muck around zone?

Or are your marketing strategies inclusive of new age content marketing trends?  Do existing marketing strategies of your tourism business serve any other purpose – such as list building?

When it comes to the various marketing strategies of your tourism or safari business, are you marketing with respect to the era we operate in?

I may be new-age in my thinking (or perhaps even old age), but marketing strategies to me = a cohesion of activities. A funneling of activities and objectives for a holistic outcome. Holistic business outcome not sole outcome.

I do get it – more sales/more bookings they are all the rage in tourism, always have been always will be.  However working towards a cohesive marketing strategy which happens to incorporate many digital elements is very sexy and very effective, once you get a few things right in the mix. The key word here is incorporate – making social media activities complementary to other marketing strategies, not the lone ranger of marketing strategies.

Gone are the days where businesses get solely free exposure via social media easily. It is a competitive world in the social media jungle and if you as a business operator or owner are in the for the long haul an integrated and simple strategy will already set you apart from even the BIGGEST of players in the business social media arena. An easy place to start when formulating your next business outcomes is to invest in some time and money to really get the social media traction you desire.

Curious…how do you construct your social media marketing strategies?

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Marketing Strategies? Which Route To Follow?

If you are (like I was) completely at a loss and perhaps don’t have the luxury of many people within your sales or marketing department, here would be my quick tips to creating some simple inexpensive Social Media Marketing Strategies that will get you on track!

>>> Work on your ideal client…as in who would you ideally like staying in your camp site, sitting in on your safaris, or taking part in your leisure activities.  I can’t tell you how much time, money and wasted efforts this exercise has saved me.  Once you have one or two ideal clients in place….Start creating a strategy around how you could:

  1. Provide value to them (beyond posting amazing holiday pictures) – you don’t have to give value to the 100%, but try going for a Plus +1 approach.
  2. Find out where and on which social mediums they like to hang out the most. Not all social media are created equal and not all the best social selling results come from huge followings. Know your niche, speak to them constantly, make them feel like you know them better than they know themselves.
  3. Stick to ONE social media platform initially until you have it sorted. Don’t put yourself or your team under pressure to generate content and excitement on 5 social platforms if you don’t have the long-term vision / mission / or strategy in place. to sustain efforts.
  4. Start crafting a very simple spreadsheet like PLAN of all potential and currently used marketing collateral. See if a brochure can be made into a PDF which can in turn be made into a short video. Be creative and take stock of what you have already and how you can splinter this collateral into many edible chunks!

The Cherry On Top Of The Cake!

Whilst on the topic if sales and increasings sales through having a cohesive Social Media Marketing Strategy….I recently read a staggering statistic from the National Sales Executive Association – which claims that only 12% of those in the active pursuit of Sales conversion make 3 contacts with prospective clients.  I have to admit I was a bit “shocked” by this stat! Here you are as a business owner thinking you have to get more people through you pipeline into your sales funnel when maybe all you must do is create a more effective follow-up system.

Why do sales people not follow up? Here is my list of Top 3 Reasons Why:

  • fear of being perceived of being pushy
  • fear of hearing NO
  • fear of disappointment

The above stat engaged some interesting dialogue in my mind and a whole bundle of unused opportunity too!

12% leaves an 88% gap where your successful marketing strategies could kick in. By merely focussing on those in your sales funnel already and really nurturing the relationship with those in the pipeline!

National Sales Executive Association – “Only 12% of those in the active pursuit of Sales conversion make 3 contacts with prospective clients”

Are Your Marketing Strategies Green & Growing or Ripe & Rotting?

Here are my tips on capitalising on the 88% gap because of the 3 or less follow-ups currently made.

Upon reflection all my past years within sales, some of my follow ups were a little less awe-inspiring that I thought! And yes often I did not do the more than 3 x touch points and thus was 88% less effective than my competitors. Guilty as charged!

However in my defence I did sometimes follow up, but it was the quality which was meh.

The words “quick” and “just” seemed to have reared their heads on many an occasion and if I were to dissect the Etymology of those two words and the power of them – and I am sure you would agree, that their poundage in persuasiveness is relatively low. “Just checking in if you received my email”.  “Just a quick email to ask if you still are interested”. “I just want to quickly ask you..…”

Let us be in accord that any contact is better than no contact, however up the game, raise the stakes and approach our next follow-ups with quality and VALUE in mind.

What do I mean by high quality?

Instead of  “I am just checking in,” replace with “I am curious if you have any unanswered criteria?” or “Have I given you enough information to get on with x”.

In other words, let’s make a pact to omit the two low persuasion words of Quick and Just.

And with this tacky one-liner I will end my standpoint, remember in the days of yore when couples courted, did you ever come across the line “I was just in the neighbourhood” (probably YES), and how often did it work…Really?  If you frequently find yourself a user of the words just and quick in your follow-up attempts and are highly successful with them, by all means enter your comments and share with me your recipe for success.

So perhaps all your attempts at creating a few marketing strategies could be aided by actually completing a few existing transactions first.

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Adele – Tourism Sales Coach