Are You Noticing Too Many Vacancies Within Your Safari Business?

 Get More Direct Clients Through Successful Social Media Selling

  • If traditional marketing channels aren't yielding the results you want
  • If you are seeking more control regarding your future business bookings
  • If you have had a go at selling directly via social media, but have only seen poor results

Fill Your Safari Camps, Tours & Activities With Direct Bookings!

Show Me How!

Step # 1 To Social Selling Success....

Get Very Specific On Your Ideal Client - In This Mini Course We Show You How

You could be wasting hours, days, months even years by not working this one out... And that is without mentioning what all that time wastage amounts to in $$$ terms.

Yet you know that social media plays a vital role in your direct marketing efforts but you suffer from

"Social Media Hype Fatigue"

  • Tired of not seeing any engagement when it comes to your posting or tweeting efforts
  • Frustrated that your posts don't get any likes, comments or shares
  • Despondent that no enquiries are coming through
  • De-motivated at what approach to take next
Let's Change This Today!

#1 Stop Waisting Your Time

This mini course teaches you everything you need to know about how to really start getting traction on social media efforts, and it avoids the stuff that you won’t use. This course is taught by a marketer who understands what marketers use on a daily basis, and what it takes to get real social media results - quickly!  As a result, there’s no fluff, leaving only highly actionable content.

#2 Stop Waisting Your Money

In this mini course you won’t learn things you’ll never use, but instead, the easy downloadable tutorial will be geared towards real-life examples. This will enable you to use your learnings tomorrow and today…instead of never.

#3 Put In Less Effort

Working smarter not harder...that is our motto. That’s why this mini course includes very workable chunks of information. And it is super easy - and best of all you don't even have to leave the office to take it of course!

This Mini Course Is Ideal For You If:

Time is a problem, and location doesn't allow you to get access to the Social Media Training you want

  • You want to see better results from all your Social Media efforts
  • Social Selling success has not happened yet
  • There is confusion with your social marketing message
  • You aren't sure where to start getting sound advice and results
  • Serious about creating change and making marketing easier for your business
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Just spent a day with the amazing Adele in an intense workshop on kicking sales into high gear. I can't even begin to quantify how much value I got out of it, but way way more than I was expecting. I came away with great insights, powerful strategies and deeper understanding of how to give my business the momentum it needs to go to the next level. Definitely book yourself a time with the Tourism Sales Coach; an investment destined to provide huge dividends

Walt Cudlip
Walt Cudlip Speakers Corner Video Booths

Download The Mini Course Today Only $9

Become a part of a very select few in marketing who actually do this successfully, as this is the Golden Nugget in being truly successful in social media selling. Before you waist any further time, do anything else - take a few minutes and gain all the clarity you desire. This is your solid foundation to ultimate social selling success!

Adele Spurgin Adele Spurgin, Tourism Sales Coach

Hi - my name is Adele and I love Social Selling! Best of all I want you to love it too. Mastering the art of social selling it very rewarding, but trust me I know it can be very confusing initially. I trust you find this mini course as insightful as I have - I do it time and time again when launching any new product as it is a #GameChanger! - Here's to your business success.

Steven Spurgin Steven Spurgin , Tourism Sales Coach

I truly believe in the concept of the Customer of One, this is where an organisation's marketing and operations delivery is flexible enough to meet the needs of an individual.  Personal appreciation is highly sought after by clients. Understanding the customer as an individual is paramount. In all my projects I always start with defining the customer, it is the first step on the road to success.