Getting To Know Each Other!

Let me guess, you are a business owner who is fairly clued up with the way the world works now a days? You know about the internet and you know of the power of the V word = “viral”. 

You know about tweets, #, shout outs, vines, FB posts, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest…you run a decent business and have done well up to now and want to take things to the next level? In fact you have spent quite a bit of time = money on doing the whole social media thing yourself and quite frankly you are ready to give the “free exposure” thing a kick to the curb! Am I digging you yet? #JustSaying

Most of all you are busy, busy doing what you need to do for your business, you don’t have days on end to spend on watching what the latest social media trend are. You don’t have a teenager who you can palm your Social Media Strategy off to.  And you don’t really know how to measure if what are doing is working and if what you are doing is adding value to your business.

My name is Adele (that’s me in the picture), and it is totally by accident that I started Tourism Sales Coach.

When I was mucking about with posting yummy eye catching visual graphics a while back, a friend asked me if I could do it for his client (the graphics that is). “Sure” I said….that led to the next gig, and the next, and that boiled over to my first workshop. Finally I twigged that I was onto something.

See I am actually a life coach, a specialist in Human Interaction!  I help deal with people and their “stuff” BUT just happen to be very sales / PR / promotional orientated too. I have run my own online business for quite some time now and so I guess this is where my social media road to discovery started as I was a bit obsessed to “cracking the code” as it were.

I was always aware of the fact that Social Media was vital to my business growth, I invested months and months of studies to it. Not to mention the amount of $$ I have lost due to past poor strategies. And then one day I stuck gold. All my work paid off and I started to see huge changes within my business and I also started to share my learnings with others like you. They loved it – love the content, found the guidance very bespoke (no cookie cutter stuff) and were able to formulate a strategy that worked and works for them still.

Long story short my clients get to be in front of their ideal clients all the time, they know how to speak to them,  how to reach them without needing massive budgets.   And they make sales over and over again without EVER having to cold call ever again.

Hey my business runs this way, why can’t yours?