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4 Steps To Beating The Disease of The 21st Century – Being Busy…

Busy Being “Busy” — The Word So Many of Us Turn To

Even if you find yourself soothing the inner you with words “it is that time of the year, it’s okay to be exhausted and burnt out” please read on.

Busy is a word that creeps up on you, it can tie you up in all sorts of knots and it can restrict your thinking and really wreck havoc with your internal psyche. Woman especially (however by no means exclusively) seem to “suffer” from the busy syndrome quite a bit, and as a result develop things like chronic fatigue, adrenal blow out and other such horrible side effects.

So what is it about being busy that is so addictive? Or should I say what is it about being busy that drives us as humans to continue with bing busy? Personally, I think it has everything to do with its opposite, the L word = “lazy”. See many of us are told that to be idol is to be lazy, to sit and just “be” is lazy, and we get told that lazy isn’t a good thing. (Hands up who can remember that?)  We are told, that Lazy is a bad word, and as humans we naturally want to avoid BAD things!  Therefore R’nR (rest and relaxation) is generally a no-no! Not being busy – means being lazy – so we push push and push ourselves to carry on, even if we are flat out exhausted….

So then one of two things generally happen:

  • we get so run down and sick that our body takes care of the lazy thing for us and leaves us lying on our bed unable to move.
  • or
  • we wait for holiday time, wait for that time of the year to justify why we feel so tired at the end of the year’s rat race. Where we give ourselves permission to be lazy. “We have deserved this lazy-ness, we have worked all year to be this lazy, now I can laze away in peace because it is earned”

…..hmmmm is it just me or does that sound a bit “crazy”?

Read On For The List Of Busy Symptoms!

If you are like me, someone genuinely interested in what other have to say when you ask “How are you doing?” you may agree with the next few lines!  If you are like me someone who gets the bog standard blanket, all-encompassing response of ….”Oh you know, so Busy” to this question then read on further please, I implore you.

Is being “Busy” the incurable illness of the modern day man and woman?

I need to check in, has someone started a “Busy Club” out there? To which I didn’t get an invite (which is really cool by me). A club where if you answer “Oh Sooo Busy” with the obligatory roll of the eyes, deep sigh and then – The Look! (Come on you have to have noticed – The Look by now?), you are an automatic member!

The Look is all part of the “Busy Club” membership. It barks “I am displaying to you just how busy I am by glaring at you” look!” And I love challenging it.  I could be rolling in $1 coins had I asked for a donation, with each response of – “Oh you know, Busy”, followed by The Look!  So of course I have to stir the pot a bit, and of course ask, “So what have you been busy with?

Aahhh silly question, Adele. Silly, don’t you know “I have been busy doing stuff.”  This is accentuated by the universal “kluc” sound. “Stuff, did you hear that (insert Busy Club member name here)…he’s been busy doing stuff.” Another kluck sound, in fact lots of klucking sounds abound. Kluck me!

If you didn’t know “Stuff” is Universal language for things like “not much really”.  When if you actually added all the minutes up of doing nothing really productive –  you would actually have time in pocket, to do nothing! Interesting?

Hands up if you have had the above happen to you? Or even worse, if you are part of the Busy Club?

To stop you doing unnecessary “Stuff” here are 4 steps that you can have a crack at to beat the busyness disease: 

  1. Tell the truth! When someone asks what you been doing? Say – spent the whole of last week on the computer.  Trust me it works a treat, cause you are not only being honest with others, but mostly honest with yourself. Or if you have done nothing and been lazing about. Say it! Wear it with pride, say after me “This week I have done nothing”.  Is that such a crime?
  2. Get a life…seriously. No one is going to stand up at your funeral one day and say…”Here lays (Busy Club member name), so good at being busy doing stuff”. I mean “kluc”-ing please.
  3. STOP.  Just STOP for once and just be. It is the most simple thing to do. Stop and Be. You may just like the little dose of Vitamin-ME time. It goes a long way to keeping you happy.
  4. Replace the word “busy” with something else like “productive” or “excited” or “pro-active”

Curious, which one of these 4 are you going to give a whirl at practicing?

Here’s to you having a happy ME day!