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Time Saving Tips – Save Hrs A Week On Social Media

Do you find you wish you had more time in your day? Do you or someone else in your business use various Social Media platforms to promote your tourism or safari base business? Is being time poor to cover the various promotional platforms an issue? As a coach I could wax lyrical for hours on…

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How To Easily Be More Effective In Executing Your Marketing Strategies

Which Social Media platforms are currently being used in delivering your various marketing strategies for your tourism or safari business? Do these social media exploits follow a plan of sorts, or do you wing it and go by the seat of your pants? What I mean by plan – is an approach that is integrated with other marketing…

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Getting Direct Clients Via Social Media – The Big 5 Of What Works

Maybe I should have started with the title of – Getting Direct Clients The 5 Things That Don’t Work on Social Media for your safari  or tourism business, just because I know we humans like to see what doesn’t work and then exhale a sigh of relief knowing that “phew, I am not doing 4 out…

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5 Challenges Small Safari / Tourism Businesses Face When It Comes To Social Media

Living, communicating, operating a business, and marketing in the Year 2015 (which is by the way nearly at an end) has its share of interesting insights, which may come as an obstacle or hindrance to some.  One thing is for sure, these things call the internet or social media aren’t going away anytime soon. So…

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3 Easiest Ways to find your sales stride again…

Ever since I had my first business at the age of 12 I have actively been involved in sales, and I have to admit some days have been better than others – as I am sure others can agree with? Perhaps that’s why sales people are attracted to the endeavour, to experience the highs and…

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