Stop doing these 5 things on Facebook right now

5 Things To STOP Doing On Facebook Right Now!

If you are in the tourism trade, own or operate a tourism business, chances are fairly high that you utilise Facebook for added exposure? What started out as a platform for all to use on an ad-hoc basis has turned into most businesses using Facebook (a) incorrectly and (b) too ad-hoc and (c) with no…

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Social Media Marketing Made Easier

The 3 Keys That Will Make Your Social Media Marketing A Success Story!

Are you using social media marketing to create more leads and sales for your tourism business? Are you currently seeking more consistent results for all of your efforts? Perhaps you are frustrated with how things change constantly, or perhaps you aren’t entirely sure if this New Era Style Marketing is for you….in fact the known…

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Reconnecting With Customers Is Gold For Revenue Generation

What is your 2016 Revenue Strategy? And do you have a strategy regarding acquiring new clients for your business? Do you use social media solely in the hope of acquiring new clients or are you one of the select few that actually use social media to maintain purposeful contact with existing clients? When I was…

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get a your share of shares

Why No One Wants To Share Your Posts On Facebook & How To Fix It!

Not seeing the share factor happening on your daily Facebook post feed? Are shares a bit like hen’s teeth for your Facebook Business Page? Tourism businesses beware…you probably won’t enjoy what I am about to write in this blog post – so if you aren’t prepared to take a different point of view, [Spoiler Alert]…

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How To Whitelist Emails From T.S.C

Thank you for subscribing to emails sent from Tourism Sales Coach! Many e-mail and Internet companies are now using programs to block unwanted e-mail, often called spam. Sometimes, however, these programs can block e-mail you want to get – especially those that Tourism Sales Coach sends to you! To Ensure You Are Receiving Your Tourism…

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