Are You A Disaster Or A Master In Human Relations?

I love to read, and yesterday was no exception and somehow found myself on the Business Insider’s blog ( and stumbled upon a really really great read – of course what made it so great was that it was around Relationships!

The whole article centred around whether you were a “Disaster” or a “Master” within your current relationship, or in the case of being single whether you are a “disaster” or “master” at the art form of single-dom! Now hear me out, disaster or master sounds a bit black or white to me, a bit extreme and with little rainbow in-between.

However what struck the biggest chord and my biggest take out was a really simple message (or three) and these messages are worth sharing;

* Whilst you are relating to others (be it in a kiss, kiss, love, love, work, work etc type relating) do you come from a position of kindness and generosity or do you approach the whole thing from an angle of contempt or criticism? Is your default set at kindness or contempt? I thought that made it pretty easy to gauge your own actions….

* Disaster relationship types scan (as in look for) the environment for all the mistakes their partner makes, whereas a Master relationship types seek evidence of all the things their partners do RIGHT!  Again not rocket science people, but easy enough to apply.   Hummm that was a good one for reflection upon I would say?  What are your thoughts?

Furthermore it went on to say that Contempt is the #1 reason why couples tear apart and that seemed to hit me in the guts with a lashing of truth! If I think of all the past relations I have had (kiss kiss, hug hug, family family or office office) the big C = Contempt was pretty high up there!

So my final parting wisdom for the day would be this. If contempt or disaster is where your barometer is set at right now with regards to relating to others, how could it be set any differently for relating to yourself?

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Till a later date (no pun intended).

Have a super Thursday.