3 Easiest Ways to find your sales stride again…

Ever since I had my first business at the age of 12 I have actively been involved in sales, and I have to admit some days have been better than others – as I am sure others can agree with? Perhaps that’s why sales people are attracted to the endeavour, to experience the highs and lows of the roller coaster like ride can be thrilling, exhilarating, unknown and down right frightening!

However what happens when your low is really low? When your candle seems to have burnt out and you just can’t seem to get to any form of former glory? And the pressure of nonperformance starts to build?

I know sports people experience the same thing – lack of form on the field, and ask any one of them, and they will say they go “back to the drawing board” or back to basics. Roger Federer even said the same thing, when he exited out of Wimbledon really early in 2013 with the recently played finals of 2014 being a remarkably different result for him! But what is the “drawing board” for sales people so to speak? And how can they find their form again? Where do they go to hit ball after ball, to gain their momentum back?

Here are my super easy 3 Tips on How To Find Your Sales Stride Again:

  • Change something in your work / business environment. Something physical, doesn’t have to be major, take a look around at where you sit, stand or the area in which you spend most time cultivating, engaging in sales – and CHANGE something!
  • Practice the skill of finishing. Yes you heard right Finish things. Finish your work day, finish emails, finish a book, finish your day! In other words draw a line in the sand and set yourself a bed time (trust me on this one).
  • Start to like yourself again! Why…I hear you ask? Well this is the science behind my tip, selling is about cultivating relationships, and people naturally like nice people and avoid grouchy ones. So change how you like yourself – as Yes I Know Sales People Are Their Own Worst Enemy / Critic.

Care to leave some feedback? As I would appreciate hearing from you and your successes in implementing these steps!

Warmest Regards