15 Habits To Give The Flick To in 2-0-1-5!

15 Simple, Yet Life Changing Habits To Give The Flick In 2015 

The art of mentally letting go is a bit like a house spring clean (something we often intend to do every year and often skip in lieu of “some other” time syndrome).  A mental spring clean makes space for new beginnings for new experiences and new learnings. Simple is usually the most effective way and so here is my list of 15 suggestions that would help to speed up the process! 

Enjoy and feel free to add on a few suggestions of your own, as more input is always welcome. 

  1. Let go of putting everyone else’s needs before your own – Charity starts at home, so honour your own temple that is you and indulge daily in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual rituals. The Martyr is so last year darlings!
  2. Let go of fearing what your intuition tells you to do – getting Gutsy, takes guts! No really – your intuition stems from your enteric brain so listen up to what your gut “says” when making discussions. One way to know if your intuition is alive and well is if you are dreaming at night time?
  3. Let go of doing everything at once – more drama more running around looking like a headless chicken. So un-sexy. Once you have finished something, move on by all means. If Jack of All Trades, Master Of None is your mantra, time to perhaps give number #3 the flick?
  4. Let go of getting your ducks in a row – start the art of saying Yes and working out How! Best advice I have ever received.
  5. Give the Flick to Criticising yourself – really, I mean if you can’t be nice to yourself – who will? Ask yourself what do you get out of putting yourself down? If it your “kind” way of asking yourself to lift your game, trust me there are very many other ways of doing this same thing in a  more gentle supportive kind of way! Mentally putting yourself down is a big NO-NO. If you are prepared to put yourself down, what do you do to others?
  6. Let go of little white lies and charades – I laugh at this one, ‘cause it is nearly 2015 and all sorts of little white lies will be about and sadly the only one that gets duped is you! I know I have been there, being dishonest to myself in terms of amount of chocolates I had around Xmas, or how many glasses of bubbles I had at New Years, the amount of golf shots on a particular hole. Stretching the truth or bending it to fit into your bag of “should’s” only leads to more of number 5 (above).
  7. Let go of the all or nothing mentality – I like this one, especially applicable to those who have the mantra of “if you want something done properly you got to do it yourself”. HOGWASH. All or nothing sees the world in black and white, absolutes and the shades are missing. Last time I saw a rainbow it was called that because of the different colours! What you think?
  8. Let go of changing to impress others – YES! After all how will you know what they truly think about you anyway? Flick it big time.
  9. Let go of needing everyone to like you – again YES, this is the most liberating thing ever, I put it up there with skinny dipping its that liberating!
  10. Let go of the idea of it’s too late to start over! Flick this habit, as I would love to chat to the one or them who said it so. Who said its too late to start over, and by the way what does that mean anyway?
  11. Let go of putting things off till “some day” syndrome – its like starting that new eating life style or the money saving scheme you had come up with yonks ago! Procrastination rears its ugly head…why? Fear of success and feelings around a lack of self worth when it comes to what you are worthy of receiving.
  12. Let go of expired ideas – flick it, go out and eat a new type of food, walk a different way to work, change your office set up! Shake up, wake up and out with the garbage! If you still are singing the same tune to a song that hasn’t lived up to its expectations, start to hum instead.
  13. Let go of false beliefs – in a nut shell beliefs are convenient assumptions of what you deem as the truth, or alternately beliefs are thoughts that you keep on thinking! Either which way, if your belief around something doesn’t serve, support, nourish or challenge you = FLICK it.
  14. Let go of seeking happiness from outside of yourself – an oldie but a goodie! A classical pop psychology 1-0-1 statement, but SO true. Letting go of expecting other people to be the source of your happiness not only frees you up but it also takes an unhealthy burden off the other person’s shoulders! Phew, glad we addressed that one!
  15. Let go of your petty grudges & un-resourceful anger – I say this because so often I hear client say “But I am not an angry person” & it is worth mentioning because of the unconscious habits we run deep deep down. Anger is a biggie and it is an emotion that can make you very very sick should you choose to hang on to un-resourceful anger. Flick it once and for all and practice peace, love and harmony instead.

There you go folks, my list of 15 things to practice and ultimately flick in a few days as the new year rolls in. The beauty is the more you are aware of these little foibles the more you can let go of them and the more you can flick them, the more you can start introducing more sustainable mental habits that are good for you, good for others and good for the greater good. 

Here’s to making 2015 your best year yet! 

Warmest regards